[AToP] (Action on Paper) was born out of a desire to achieve higher consciousness through thought sensory provocation of electronic sounds and visuals. The definition of atop is "on the top of." In this generation of (over)exposure and quick reaction, it would benefit everyone to be [AToP] of themselves and work/purpose - considering and questioning each before reacting to ensure that a message one is intending is an active endeavor of sincerity to the betterment of human excellence, connecting society. The work puts focus on current populist values in confronting societal challenges, optimistically future thinking in the understanding that post-internet art has the power to make people think differently about the world. Vaporwave aesthetic is used as a reference for historical economic context to lend perspective on societies shifting relationship with culture and with that an attempt to help define these shifting relationships. Glitch aesthetic serves as the underlining art form to confront and then convey the [AToP] movement of ideas as audiovisual presentations.  


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