• Nick

Is your brand a giver?

Our social behavior is built upon our ability to take. We're incentivized to take because the largest takers get the highest levels of status in our culture. But how does this social norm play out in creating an effective content strategy for your brand marketing?

As a brand, you should know that you are not merely providing a good or service for a fee. You are firstly giving something intangible that incentives a transaction. In order to avoid being a transactional vendor of goods, you need to be a giver of value through the content you are providing. So what are some examples of being an effective giver of content?

  1. Demonstrate authoritative knowledge by publishing product expertise in the formates that resonates best with your audience. Audiovisual content, for example, is a great way to communicate the emotion of your brand while educating your customer.

  2. Sharing your time shows you care. High customer service and customer success standards send the message that you are focused on long term relationship building. Taking the extra time in the service of your customers creates happier ones for sure.

  3. Provide educational material for free that you know your audience would appreciate. Are you a seller of streetwear? How about detailing the origins of streetwear through a arts and culture info-graphic!

In summary, you can't be a giver to everyone. Focus on knowing your customer and decide on a couple of ways that you will prove you are worthy of their attention, time, and dollars. It'll be worth the time in the long run.