Does your brand have an identity?

If someone asks you to explain your brand in five words can you do it? Not your product or service, and not you as its stewardship- the brand itself. Does it have a personality, a voice, and tone? What are the characteristics that separate it from alternatives?

If the answer is sort of or anything less its time to set aside time and plan your content marketing strategy. Let me explain, brand identity is how you want the consumer to perceive your product or brand. The video above uses the Vaporwave aesthetic to communicate the point of brand identity. Brand identity helps to shape the personality of the product, service, or company. It's the voice you give your product or service. A lot of time brand identify is used interchangeably with brand image, which is a mistake. Brand image is the perception of your product or brand by consumers. Having a strong brand identity allows you to control how your brand is perceived. Here is what your brand identity should accomplish:

  1. Attract new customers

  2. Make existing customers feel at home

  3. Allow you to stand out

  4. Become a source of consistency

Tactics such as sonic branding and audiovisuals play really well into a content marketing plan because they are unique to you. In summary, take the time to establish your brand identity. It will inform your content marketing, and guide your process along the way. Choosing not to do so can lead to sub-par performance, customer retention issues, and faulty marketing and sales processes.

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