A hot lead? How exciting. So what's the approach to getting what you think you want? Are you going in for the hard close right away? Or are you going to let sit back and see what happens, hoping for the best? How about a plan C of consistently providing value all the way through to hearing - Yes.

If plan C sounds good to you then you are applying Sales Enablement. What? Yes, Sales Enablement, here's the definition:

Sales enablement is the process of providing the sales organization, but really anything, with the information, content, and tools that help sell more effectively. At the end of the day however dirty, this is what we're all doing. The foundation of sales enablement is to provide salespeople with what they need to successfully engage the buyer throughout the buying process. This can in fact be providing for oneself.

The video above tells an audiovisual story that is symbolic of the process of prospecting a sales lead produced in an entertaining cool way. Now that you know what Sales enablement is here's what you need to know to implement it.

Be customer-centric

Buyer Personas will help you in establishing a road-map to getting the desired win-win result. You likely have more than one type of customer and its worth the time to invest in creating each persona specific to the products they are buying.

Align content with the Buyer Journey

There are three stages in the Buyer Journey

-Top of the funnel, brand awareness

-Mid funnel, the prospect knows who you are

-Bottom of the funnel, hey I'm ready to buy!

Providing valuable content that guides the lead through their journey to purchase is a touchstone of sales enablement. Be advised that not all leads enter the funnel in the same place so be careful to provide the appropriate content in the appropriate scenario.

Maintain consistent sales training

Having a clear understanding of your sales cycle allows for teachable and learning moments throughout the as opposed to training sessions and seminars detected in real-world situations. You have to be systemic in generating sales leads in order to consistently add value through the customer journey by being a really quality salesperson.

Tie content to revenue

Sales Enablement's objective is to shorten the sales cycle and allow for revenue gains at a higher velocity. As a matter of principle, enablement should happen on the front lines, in the field, as opposed to tied to functions such as Human Resources and On-boarding. It is an active strategic engagement.

Institutionalize seller best practices

Winning and success is all about learning and evolving. Having a clear mind in the present opens up opportunities to see things for how they are. If a particular person is having consistent success in achieving revenue goals see that as an opportunity to incorporate best practices to a wider set of sellers to learn from.

Industry Knowledge

A strategy is key to winning the competition. The competition is within yourself and your organization in meeting and exceeding your goals. This starts with a sound plan rooted in your knowledge base. Positioning yourself for success stems from the ability to seize an opportunity when it presents itself rooted in preparation.

Embrace technology

There are tools abundant that can cloud focus. The key to embracing technology is to question whether the technology is working for you or are you working for the technology. A smartly optimized marketing stack can bring tremendous value to your sales process when used in the context of streamlining your workflow.

Competitive factors are fierce and as a result sales enablement has become a must-have within all Inbound marketing and content strategies. Once in place, the structure of having a clear focus through the buyer journey becomes less opaque.

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