"Don't be so disappointed"

The feeling of disappointment can affect your ability to focus on the tasks at hand. Fortunately, disappointment is a feeling that is in your control. By setting expectations and over-delivering disappointment is also a feeling you get to manage. As expressed through audiovisual art, the below audiovisual is representative of disappointment and how it can reverberate through the body.

To control this emotion is a skill worth mastering. Are you disappointed in the world? Guess what, how the world conducts itself is not in your control. This principle applies to work or in business. Having a clear strategy in place supports goals and expectations. Having the awareness that you will likely be disappointed by most things and most outcomes is a revelation about how things naturally are. As a result, you will get pleasantly surprised and filled with joy when your actions result in positive outcomes.

The strategy is to manage the disappointment within yourself. Consider the following:

  1. Stay in the present moment

  2. Place your attention on the small tasks.

  3. Notice the signals

  4. We all have our triggers, self-awareness you help you anticipate.

  5. Give yourself compassion

  6. The situation is never as bad as it seems.

  7. Allow yourself space

  8. Set aside time for self-care. A combination of mental and physical exercise can change the perspective of your thoughts.

Managing disappointment comes from within. Setting clear guidelines for your intentions and expectations will help you further define where you chose to place your attention and achieve a sense of fulfillment. For marketing and strategy consultation contact:


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