"Embracing the struggle"

On any given day there are all sorts of potential twists and turns. Most days things that come up can be overcome with little mental or physical effort. Then there are other days when we are challenged and put out of our comfort zones. Accepting there will be a struggle in each day is a better mindset than attempting to avoid obstacles altogether.

According to Jo Boaler at Stanford, "If you aren’t struggling, you aren’t really learning. When we’re struggling and making mistakes, those are the very best times for our brains, the brain needs to be pushed to do things that are difficult."

As a brand being a utility towards, "Embracing the struggle" can be of tremendous benefit to the consumer. The audiovisual here sets the stage of struggle within 1970's New York, a difficult time in that city and its residents. With a full understanding of who your customer is providing that value can be a natural extension of what you are selling as a part of your Inbound strategy and content marketing ideas.



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