"How's your vibe?"

Is your ‘brand vibe’ in tune with the people you are looking to engage with?

Often times decisions people make run through emotion, as result brands need to ask themselves a few questions:

  • How are you proactively influencing the emotional “vibe” surrounding your brand, in both your workplace and the marketplace?

  • Could your brand behave in new ways that consciously address the unconscious manner in which people make decisions and take action?

  • What would happen if your “brand vibe” started to resonate more profoundly with people?

Please don’t kill my vibe

Did the above audiovisual come off as "chill" and "pretty cool"? If the answer is yes well that was the vibe I was going for! (if not I'll try harder the next time) I’m sure you’ll agree that you experience a nice “vibe” when you interact with or think about, particular people or things (e.g. music), places (e.g. a getaway). This is because you have recognized that triggers a connection to what you value, what you need, and/or what gives you pleasure. You may not be able to exactly say what causes your feelings, but you know you have them!

Now, think about your brand, and what feelings it is triggering; in other words, what is your “brand vibe”? Most important, is that “vibe” connected to something significant and meaningful to people you want to influence? In other words, is your “brand vibe” one that rises above the fray, connects deeply into lives, and puts your brand into a class of its own?

Brand vibes, workin it

A distinct “brand vibe” creates an appealing way to stand apart in the crowded marketplace. A clearly emotive “brand vibe” becomes a welcome feeling for everyone vital to your brand’s success, especially as they see how it helps them, the society, and/or the planet, in one way or another.

A strong “brand vibe” elevates your essential selling messages to a higher, more meaningful level; your stories, through content marketing, take on a more compelling and inspiring aura, that makes more people get involved and engaged (and then, more likely to act).

How do you create a compelling ‘brand vibe’?

A powerful “brand vibe” is driven by a purpose and a clear content marketing strategy that creates desirable and motivating feelings by capturing an ambition that taps directly into the needs, desires, interests, and aspirations of the people you seek to influence.

In closing

When such a purpose is underscored by the emotionally meaningful behavior of your brand such as its actions, its sonic brand identity, and custom content your “brand vibe” becomes stronger, more distinct, and more powerful.

So, to have a meaningful “brand vibe”, brands need to go well beyond their products or services and key brand interactions (such as product launches, events, etc). The entire organization behind the brand needs to evolve into consistently putting out good vibes.

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