If you are thinking about ways to make sure you and your business are staying in front of your customers but struggling with trying not to be so "salesy" then maybe it's the right time to try Nostalgic marketing. What? Yes, even nostalgia turns into marketing- don't act like you're surprised!

So what is this Nostalgia marketing?

Tying new, promotional content to an audience’s memories by cleverly weaving in old content, ideas, or ideals. This tactic can be a powerful way to spread your brand’s message as a part of your content marketing strategy.

Nostalgia content is really fun to think about and implement. As you can see in the video below prom is used as the concept in the form of audiovisual storytelling to provoke that feeling of nostalgia. By persuading consumers that their worries of the now can melt away in a moment, businesses can deliver their marketing message to a more receptive customer and deliver a feeling that will last much longer than the moment.

Sounds good right? Let's dig a little deeper...

What makes it a powerful marketing strategy is that "nostalgia can equal attachment" on a sub-conscience level by helping to establish the user's identity serving as a link with a past self. If this sounds sneaky don't worry it's an emotional attachment that after a duration of time would need to be nurtured.

What's key:

1. Understanding your Buyer personas

With your buyer personas serving as your strategy guide cool nostalgic content can be made. For example, having a clear indication of your customer demographics like age range reflects the sort of content you would want to make. Millennials, Gen. X, Boomers all will have different content triggers.

2. Pinpoint your moment to inject some nostalgia

The more frantic, complex and responsibility filled our lives become, the more we yearn for simpler times. You can drill down into a calendar year like tax season, summer fun, or the holiday season. Nostalgia’s lens often makes products and services seem more down to earth, and therefore more achievable or affordable by bridging the gap between the past and the present.

3. Understanding what can trigger the nostalgic feeling

By sharing a compelling blast from the past, you can reach your audience on an emotional level, linking your brand message with familiar concepts to evoke feelings of security, comfort, and trust. Oftentimes one may default into thinking just about visual content as the gateway to nostalgia marketing. But that would be only half of a strategy. Continue to think about sound and its impact on the sub-conscience as a marketing tool.

4. What to do with all these warm feelings

Fond memories make us smile and that can leave customers open to brand messaging. Nostalgia brings aback time that was more certain, more secure, and more comfortable, and that's why those types of positive emotions form the core of why nostalgia marketing is so effective.

5. Content that evokes positive emotions also triggers engagement

-Use nostalgia within your social media posts – maybe make nostalgic posts part of your regular content, like #tbt

-Do some research and find out what makes your audience feel special. Look at dates in history or even your own timeline.

-Look at how your own brand has evolved over the years, you'll get your own dose of nostalgia.

-See if you can expand on any of your own brand history.

Nostalgia marketing can be a great fit for just about any brand. For any follow-up questions about how to get started defiantly contact me.

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