"Protection and well-being"

Different situations call for content marketing nuance that can speak to your brands'

ethos. You wouldn't want to be caught tone-deaf during a social and economic crisis. Multiple studies show that consumers want to trust and know that the brands they are purchasing appreciate their business by the way brands acts (and reacts through their communication channels). Here a couple of things to consider when creating content in a time like now.

Focus on community, not product

I know it's hard with the topline down but take a look at your buyer personas and remember who your core customers are. Are they happy? Are they behind you all the way? Revenue is down for them too probably, can you get them to continue to champion you by championing them?

Consider tone

What people want the most right now is tangible helpful content. How you provide that sort of content can be determined by your brand style guide. For example, are you an escapism type brand who can provide a minute or two of reprieve? Or are you a thought leader who can speak in inspiring ways? Think about it and audit your last few posts while you're at it.

Continue to add value

By always thinking of your customers first the relationship remains positive while most everyone is treading water. Behind every email and social follower is a person after all. Being thoughtful in your Inbound methods and not just phoning it in can mean the difference in securing the safety of your business. As the audiovisual attempts to express while you protect your brand by following thoughtful guidelines, you will also be delivering a consistent message as value in service to your customers.

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