"Think like a Coach"

Coaches can make a lasting impression, good and bad. One can make the argument that coaching is generally a solid strategy. While we often associate coaching with youth sports, management, and sales consultants, the fact is we all have the opportunity to provide coaching without being either of the three.

So why don't we think this way as we go about our day? In our individualized society, the concept of coaching is often an afterthought. Coaching is looked at as a skill just for the coaching profession. Not a practice to consider as a part of our daily lives.

Coaching by definition is a process that aims to improve performance and focuses on the "here and now" rather than the distant future. In other words, helping someone to learn. The audiovisual, and content marketing example above is of one the most endearing fictional coaches out there, Coach Taylor of Friday Night Lights fame. Coach Taylor's stoic yet empathic approach to mentoring his team taught lessons not just within his professional duties but in life.

A few examples of bad coaching:

  1. Playing favorites.

  2. Giving praise in positive outcomes only.

  3. Does not correct mistakes

Now a few more on how to be a good coach:

1. Listen actively

2. Demonstrate empathy

3. Provide structure

4. Ask questions

There's more to it clearly. Just keep it in mind that coaching whether that be in a business capacity such as sales enablement or a friend who could use some advice is a great opportunity to engage with someone willing to participate as the player. They are mutually beneficial.




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