"Who knows"

No one likes a know-it-all. Though sometimes you have to share your knowledge and educate people on "What it is".

The optimal word is to educate. Try not to change minds, but to enable the opportunity for learning. You're providing a selfless service by adding value. As a result, you get a message across, and others have become better for it.

The audiovisual above is a brand example introducing the topic of dark roast coffee vs. lighter roast coffee. The content strategy is meant to be fun while communicating the point of the subject matter. The video is a part of a more integrated digital marketing campaign allowing the customer to be educated about dark roast vs. light roasts on their own time and within their own safe space. No judging!

Educational content, like with anything in Inbound Marketing strategy, keeps customer needs in mind first and foremost. Think of situations when your product or service could use some additional explanation that adds value to the product or service experience. Figure that out and you will be good to go turning your site into a source of repeated traffic while on your way to becoming an industry thought leader.

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