"Why Exist"

In a time when customer expectations are drastically increasing, brands are now expected to stand for something, beyond profit, sales, or their product. That is what is called Brand Purpose. So what's yours? Customers will buy your project or service because they like what you stand for as a business. This brand purpose is the single most important element to get right when communicating both to customers, employees, and to a community at large. Your vision and reason to exist should inspire, and set a clear picture of what you're trying to achieve, and how you're a force for good.

It is the "WHY" you exist.

Take caution though, this isn't about marketing your brand. As Meredith Fergusion from DoSomething Strategy states, "For example young consumers today don’t just want to just see brands take a stand on social issues, they want them to act on that stand—from the inside out." Getting to the root of that purpose and then communicating it as a value can sometimes feel like logging into an old digital account. :/ Like the above audiovisual, not so fun.

With that being said you need to take seriously any cause you intend to champion or adopt, whether it’s social, environmental, or political. And before committing to a marketing and communications campaign you need to be sure leadership and company are fully owning the message or face serious backlash. Consumers today don’t just want to just see brands take a stand on issues, they want you to act on that stand.

If you are having trouble defining what issues you think are most important to your brand learn by listening to your customers. One of the most visible ways customers demonstrate their influence on brands is by pushing companies to participate in social, cultural, or even political debates. Through social listening, you can gather insights into topics and issues that your buyer personas are passionate about. Plus, it's been proven that by posting comments on social media and participating in boycotts consumers can influence a brand’s reaction to an event or its stance on an issue of public concern. It's defiantly better to be proactive rather than reactive as it concerns your purpose.

There will be a new ranking and value system for holding companies accountable for how they are helping. Allowing for perspective in defining your brand purpose will ensure that you are providing the value that your customer expects from you in the first place. If this is something you'd rather talk through and set a plan for, hit me up.


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