"Work flow"

Workflow is the process of something going from undone to done. In business, it's the process of data going from human to human or human to a machine to complete work. Personal workflows create efficiencies in conquering tasks in everyday life. Mastery of workflows enables free time to become available. Here are a few ways to think about your workflow:

Think team

  1. A team can mean your co-workers. It can even be your family. Set up a process and be consistent with it.

Don't micro-manage

  1. People want a sense of agency. Allowing autonomy in the process will create commitment and ownership of individual tasks.

Create Goals

  1. It's nice to work towards a goal (you should always be enjoying the process) Goal-setting helps establish a framework. The process lives in the framework. Any adjustments made to the workflow process can create even greater efficiencies to accomplish the goals.

As a freelance marketing consultant, I am always thinking process. I am thinking about it in my morning routine. I am thinking about it for content marketing. I am thinking about it when creating personal audiovisuals. It is the time spent that allows for more or less productivity to happen.


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